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released July 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Summerpunx Lansing Charter Township, Michigan

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Track Name: Role Reversal
I’ve been writing words down so I can remember
These feelings I have come September
When I move away from you and this state
Now that you know I’ve bared my soul to you and shown
A side that not everybody sees
My lover your not but maybe you could be if I chose to stay
Track Name: Hiding Feelings
Why don’t you just take me back there
cause you know that’s where I want to be
And I swear if you
Would only just believe me
Then maybe finally you’d see
That I could be the person
To crawl inside of your sheets
But I don’t want to get ahead of myself
I just wish I knew how you thought of me
And maybe if the truth
Was out there for all too see
Then maybe finally you’d be
Accepting of my feelings
Or maybe I just wanna believe
Maybe finally you’d see
That since the day you met me
All that I ever wanted was
for you…ah forget it
Track Name: College Freshman
I know you cause I sold you
The thoughts inside your head
The things you think about while lying in bed
And you want to just prove to
All the people that you know
That you’re the one who now has taken control
Take your words I don’t care anymore
You and your friends just prove
With your stupid little games
How much the way you act makes me feel insane
I know that I should just
Let this go away and things might change
But for the moment I’d like to say:
Honestly I might blow my brains out tonight
Cause I can’t stand you anymore
Track Name: Contradicting Beliefs
Take all your shit and leave
Cause I don’t wanna speak
To someone like you that thinks
So many hurtful things
Pack up your shit and go
You shouldn’t have to be told
It isn’t like you to know
I can’t stand you anymore
The list of things I can not stand in life
Is topped by you and I wouldn’t care if you died
Track Name: Why I Don't Go to Parties
Open up it’s easy that’s what all the people say
But they’re not stuck inside my head, inside my body
And I don’t think they understand just what it’s really like
I don’t think they’ll ever see it from the other side
Leave me alone and get out of my face
I wish I could die or at least leave this place
These are not my friends
They’re just people who I can not stand
Your dumb fucking party is not even cool
These hippies on drugs really ruin my mood
These are not my friends
They’re just people who I can not stand
Track Name: Miss Anthropy
I don’t wanna believe
All this stupid shit I see
I just don’t wanna know
I can’t stand it anymore
Ever day is the same
I’m just letdown again
I just wish there was someway I could
Never talk to anyone again
Track Name: A Response to Your Death Threat(s)
I’m not really worth the trouble
Despite what you seem to think
I wish I could keep this subtle
But I wanna set it straight
What kind of person says what you do
About someone they hardly know
Just because you still can’t move on from
Something that ended years ago
Honestly I don’t even really mind all the things you say
I just think it’s kinda funny so here’s how I’ll retaliate
Fuck you and your friends
I hope I see you in hell
Fuck you and your friends
Track Name: Conversations With a Ghost
If I could only remember we could start
But for now I’ll play this stupid game
Where I pretend that I am doing fine and nothing’s wrong
And maybe with some time
I could open up and let you in
But now I’ll sit all by myself
And wish that I would slowly rot and die
I’m feeling alone
I think that I just saw my breath
And now I’m not sure where my head is at
It’s so fucking cold
I think it must have been a ghost
Playing tricks inside my brain
Or maybe I’m just insane
But maybe sometime tomorrow things could change
And I’ll act as if all of those things
About myself I tried to hide
Were never even there in the first place
I know that it’s wrong to do my best
To push this underneath
Somewhere down inside to deal with on another day but for now